2016 President's Report

With the 2nd year of my 2 year term coming to a close as your President and Chair of the Board of Director’s, I would like to share some the achievements of the last year with you for awareness and acknowledgement:

Staff and the ORFA Board of Director’s continue to work through the 2nd year of our Strategic Plan which tguides the organization. This plan affirms our mission, values, beliefs, core-business and set our goals statements.

In order to fulfil our new strategic plan and continue research and development of our training programs, our staff has researched and designed a new “On-line” training course “SIRO”- Safe Ice Resurfacer Operator which was launched in October to rave reviews from our members.

Another successful year for the Annual Professional Development Program in Guelph and Regional training opportunities. We launched the 2nd module of our new Advanced Recreation Facilities Management course to a sold out class at Guelph. This is the 2nd module of courses designed to achieve the new “Certified Recreation Facilities Professional” designation

The continued participation of our various Technical Advisory Committees which continue to enhance our training programs and best practices that reflect the needs of our members. 

A new “long term lease” for ORFA. The Board would like to recognize the ORFA staff who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this a reality. Our head office will remain in Toronto for the near distant future.

The ORFA continues to foster many strategic alliances and partnerships with key corporations and agencies to further enhance our membership. They include, Public Services Health and Safety Association, Ontario Good Roads Association, Marmak, Frank Cowan Company Ltd., Sports Turf Canada, Cimco Refrigeration, Canadian Red Cross, University of Guelph, Zamboni Company Ltd., Resurfice Corp., Jet-Ice Ltd., Serving the American Rinks, Facility Operator Managers Association, Hockey Canada, National Hockey League, and the Canadian Recreation Facilities Council.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the staff at the ORFA who continue to provide our members and the Board with “excellent services”.

Finally, I would like to thank my fellow Board members and St. Michael’s College School (my employer), for their ongoing support, especially for outgoing Board members Julie Mitchell, Justin Fidler and Past President Larry Fisher, your service to our Board and Association is much appreciated. I look forward to working with our new President, Ross Rankin and our new Board members as we continue “to be the leaders in the Recreation Facilities Profession”.

Rob Tunney, RRFA
President and Chair of the Board

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