Legal Awareness II - Managing in a Recreation Environment

The course will encourage participants to develop and utilize hazard assessment and controls to help protect their employers and themselves from the risk of liability related to an injury or loss to someone we are legally responsible for. This loss could be injury or illness to a worker, injury to a customer, and financial or human loss to our employer.

When there is an injury in your workplace either to a worker or a customer you need to be able to prove you did everything reasonable to protect them. Through a mock trial we explore the process of a law suit and discover what practices and procedures might improve our ability to defend ourselves.

Participants will share best practices, procedures and tools from regulatory agencies, insurance companies and our peers. We will also review and discuss procedures and strategies to meet the expectation for inspection and documentation.

Topics include:

    • Review of the legal system
    • Process of a lawsuit
    • The law as it relates to;
    • Facilities
    • Employment
    • Operations
    • Hazard Assessment and Control
    • Training
    • Documentation
    • What Insurers see and expect

Who should attend?

    • Recreation practitioners who play any role in maintaining a safe work and play environment on behalf of their employers.
    • Any employee who wishes to improve their ‘competency’ under Occupational Health and Safety

Upcoming Legal Awareness II events

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