Managing People at Work

The ability to motivate and manage people in an increasingly complex and ever-changing workplace is a major challenge facing supervisors and managers today. In addition to managing resources effectively and efficiently while achieving quality results, management personnel are also expected to be leaders with vision and the ability to create a work environment where employees can thrive and succeed. Today’s multi-generational workforce also presents challenges for motivation and retention. This course is designed for supervisors and managers who would like to learn about the people management process and its application in the recreation facility environment.

Topics include:
  • The Role of the Manager: expectations and responsibilities
  • Changing Trends in the Workplace: changing expectations of leaders and employees, employee involvement and empowerment, the multi-generational workforce
  • Leadership Skills: what is leadership, encouraging and discouraging leadership traits, leadership styles and their impact on employees
  • Motivation: Factors which influence performance, setting performance expectations, providing feedback, recognizing good performance
  • Coaching and Counselling: coaching employees, dealing with employee performance problems, counselling for improved performance
  • Communication Skills: elements of effective communication, barriers to communication, effective listening skills
  • Performance Appraisals: as an effective feedback and motivation tool, conducting a performance appraisal interview

Instructor: Lynda Pinnington, Ph.D., Principal, Pinnington Training and Development