Aquatic Facility Operations

Designed for the operator who has completed the NSPF® Certified Pool/Spa Operator® (CPO®) course, or the ORFA Essential of Swimming Pool Operation course (suspended in 2017), and who has practical, on-the-job experience, this course will provide participants with an advanced study of aquatic facility operations. It will further investigate the components of the circulation system, types of filtration, comparisons of efficiency and maintenance requirements, filter area, flow rates, and how these specifications result in selection for the application. Also, the course will explore circulation pump design, pump curves and how pump selection is determined. Water heaters will also be examined.

Water treatment and disinfection will involve a hands-on component of testing, analysis and application of the Saturation Index as a case study. Chlorination disinfection and safety will be discussed in depth along with consideration of alternative disinfecting methods, including ozone and ultra violet, and how current legislation impacts their application.

Seasonal operations, and the special requirements for outdoor facilities, will be covered, including best practices for winterizing and re-opening the facility. Also, indoor air quality concerns, challenges and best practices will be examined and discussed.

This course is taught using a combination of classroom-based study and some hands-on training. Participants are expected to be able to return to their workplace and utilize the skills and knowledge they have learned in the course.

Personal Protective Equipment Required: Participants attending this course must supply and wear their own CSA-approved footwear suitable for an aquatic facility environment. No exceptions.