Safe Arena Refrigeration Plant Operator (1 day): This is a refresher course designed for operators who completed Basic Arena Refrigeration more than five years previously, and who may have no desire to pursue more advanced courses in the subject. The course is also suitable as a high-level overview of refrigeration information appropriate for full-time and part-time recreation staff. The course instructors are ice arena practitioners

Safe Ice Resurfacer Operator

The Safe Ice Resurfacer Operator workshop provides an introduction to ice resurfacer operations. This classroom-based session includes some time spent utilizing the on-site ice resurfacer and takes the worker through the necessary pre-flood, flood, daily and weekly maintenance inspection activities.

Ultimately, the ice resurfacer manufacturer’s owner's manual will best guide each workplace. However, this workshop will review incidents involving an ice resurfacer that have resulted in worker injury while reviewing proven industry best practices in hopes of avoiding future accidents. Further, the session reinforces the benefit of a log book to maintain the ice resurfacer in top form. This important tool will not only help reduce the potential for down time, it will also create a permanent record of maintenance and upkeep activities to help guide replacement or major overhauls of the unit.

Workers conducting a quick inspection of their equipment, while knowing what to look for as potential problem areas, prior to moving the ice resurfacer, can minimize equipment failures on the ice. Remember, that as soon as the wheels cross the threshold onto the ice, the operator in control is now responsible for all incidents related to the equipment’s operation or failure. If your current employees arrive at work and “get on it and drive” this workshop is for them.

Topics include:

  • History of the IR
  • Occupational Health & Safety- Stop Work
  • IR Operational Safety Activities
  • Sample Policy Statement
  • Sample Operating Procedures Guidelines
  • Fuel Types- Gasoline-Propane-Natural Gas
  • Escaping Gas Detection - Fire Extinguisher use
  • Air Quality
  • Circle Checking Activities
  • Mounting/Dismounting-Moving the IR-Fall Arrest
  • Water systems
  • Scheduled Operational Maintenance Activities
  • Final written test

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