E-News 2019



Release Date

  • Slips, Trips and Falls
  • No More Smoking Areas at City of Greater Sudbury Arenas
  • 2019/20 Seasonal Oval Ice Installation Pictures
  • ORFA Video Library Updated
August 9
  • NEW! ORFA Accessibility and Inclusion Award
  • Assessing the Impact of Cyanuric Acid on Bather’s Risk of Gastrointestinal Illness at Swimming Pools
  • Time to Review and Update Facility Exit Signs
  • Do Hand Dryers Hurt Children’s Ears?
  • E-Scooters Are Next Possible Wheeled Device To Create Challenges
 August 2


Release Date

  • Reminder: Ice Out Planning Starts At Ice In
  • Call for Cross Ice/Half Ice Rink Dividers Input Being Answered by ORFA Members
  • Waterpark Changed Dress Code to Allow Women to Go Topless
  • Encounter a Person Experiencing Heat Stroke – Remember TACO as a Response Option
  • Powerchair Football Canada Promotes Team Play Through Accessibility
July 26
  • Rink Dividers Are Still a Member Hot Button Topic
  • Moving of Ice Arena Nets Policy and Procedures 
  • Reminder: Summer Rink Conditions are Often Perfect for Mold Growth 
  • Contracting Out Construction Projects on Business's Property Changes
  • New Form of Public Grounds "Tagging" Appears in Ottawa
  • Changes to the Control of Exposure to Biological or Chemical Agents - O. Reg. 185/19
  • Remember that Ontario's Poisonous Plants Bloom From June to September 
  • Summer Student Exit Interviews Can Help Improve H&S Culture 
July 19
  • Beware of High Pressure WHMIS Sales Tactics 
  • Enforcement Blitz - Focus on Musculoskeletal Disorder Hazards
  • ORFA Discussion Board - Question of the Week
  • A Reminder to Use Ladders Safely
  • Recreation Facility Small Appliance Safety Reminder
  • How to Avoid Heat Stress This Summer
July 12


Release Date

  • Canada Day Public Holiday - July 1st
  • The Ground War Documentary Looks at Historical Use of Pesticides on Recreational Grounds
  • Indoor Air Quality at Recreational Water Facilities Study
  • CMHA Creates an All Substance Approach Resource 
  • The Accessible Canada Act is Here
June 28
  • Pressure Testing a Brine Flooded Chiller
  • New Draft for CSA Z614 - Children's Playgrounds and Equipment Standards
  • Ontario Trails - Useful Information
  • 6 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing First Aid Training
  • Special Olympics Ontario Celebrated 50th Anniversary in 2018
  • ORFA Member Feedback Request
June 24
  • New Recreation Facilities Asset Management (RFAM) Web Site
  • Use of Fog Machines
  • Changes to Regulation 851
  • ORFA In The UK
  • Owner Receives Jail Time for Failure tom Comply with OHSA
June 19
  • Changes to the Liquor License Act
  • New and Young Workers Health and Safety Initiative - May 1 to August 30
  • Rowan's Law: Concussion Safety - Learn how to prevent, identify and manage concussions
  • ParticipACTION Community Better Challenge 
  • Practice Safe Work - WSIB
June 5
  • Drowning Doesn't Look Like Drowning
  • Sun Safety: Slip, Slop, Slap and Wrap
  • Working Outdoors
  • Best Not to Stand Under a Tree in an Electrical Storm
  • Ammonia Leak that Prompted Emergency Replacement of Condenser is a Good News Story
  • Technology Continues to Raise the Bar in Facility Management
  • Researchers Score With Audible Hockey Puck
May 31
  • Recreation Facilities Play Key Role in Ontario's 2019 Spring Floods
  • Recreation Facilities Emergency Management Forum 2020 
  • More Comments Regarding Kirpan in Pools
  • $2 Billion Payout to Couple who said they Got From Weedkiller Roundup
  • Moral Hazard vs. Soaring Insurance Costs
May 23
  • ORFA 2019 APDP and Expo
  • MOL Focus on Workplace Ergonomics Has Started
  • AFO Course Participants Discuss Allowing "Kirpan" in the Pool
  • Smart Watch Use at the Pool
  • Chickens in the Rink? Maybe!
  • Why We Need To Be More Noise Aware
  • Consultation: Ontario's Next Occupational Health and Safety Strategy 
May 8


Release Date

  • Day of Mourning, April 28th
  • Slips, Trips and Falls Awareness
  •  Refrigeration Header Support Inspections
  • A/UTV’s at Work Require Operator Training
  • TSSA Fuel Certificates Regulation
  • Reminder To Register for ORFA’s Annual Professional Development Program
April 24
  • Facility Alert – Reminder: Safe Use and Storage of Portable Soccer Goalposts
  • Reminder - Work Vehicle No Smoking Signs: Are You Current?
  • What’s That Smell – Probably the Snow Pit
  • Reminder of Required Off-Season Refrigeration Plant Monitoring
  • ORFA Artificial Ice Out Guideline
  • Ice Net Pegs Are Not Mandatory
  • TSSA - Operating Engineers Regulation Open for Consultation
April 15
  • Reminder - Outdoor Rinks Are Just Not Winter Facilities
  • Reminder - Work Vehicles No Smoking Signs: Are You Current?
  • Grounds Operations And Maintenance
  • You Have Two Ears And One Chance To Save Them
  • The Real Role Of Workplace Health And Safety Boards
April 8
  • In Ontario a Designated Pool Spa Operator = A Certified Aquatic Technician (CAT)
  • Did You Know that in Unattended Refrigeration Plants
  • Recreation Facilities Environmental Waste Compliance Guidelines
  • Facility Emergency Communication Systems
  • Looking for Member Feedback On Impact of Cross Ice or Half Ice Programs to Operations
  • Temporary Performance/Event Structures Safety Guideline Reminder
April 1
  • How Does Humidity Affect Surface Preparation and Coating?
  • Recreation Facility Boiler, Electrical and Mechanical Room Safety
  • Falls Awareness and Prevention
  • CMAHC Indoor Aquatic Air Quality Survey
  • Winter Weather Alerts
March 22
  • ORFA Leadership Post Fernie Tragedy
  • Cell Phone Use At Gas Dispensers
  • Canada Set to Lose 9,000 Churches, Warns National Heritage Group
March 15
  • Asbestos in Drywall Compound Risk
  • Safe Work Practices for Chlorine
  • West Ferris Arena Closed as a Caution
March 8


Release Date

  • Asset Management Central
  • ParticipACTION Community Better Challenge
  • Study Aims to Prove that Hockey Rinks are a Welcome Place for All Canadians
  • Refrigerant Solutions
February 22
  • NEW! Aquatic Facility Operations Course
  • ORFA Current Professional Designation Holders
  • Why Curling Ice is Different Than Other Ice
  • Reminder: Family Day
  • Survey: Ontario Tourism Strategy - Industry
  • Employment Standards Poster Updated
February 13
  • Recent Facility Emergencies Highlights Need For Emergency Preparedness
  • Snow Load and Structural Integrity Reminder
  • Ice Resurfacer Safety
  • Head Protection Becoming Common in Curling Community
 February 6
  • ORFA Professional Designation
    Recertification Process
  • Occupational Health and Safety in Ontario
  • Legacy Started at Maple Leaf Gardens Lives On
  • Canadians Anxious About Accessibility Issues As They Age
  • Outdoor Soccer Nets
  • Used Equipment Wanted
 January 29