Otter Energy

Under the new Federal Green Inclusive Community
Building Program there is $2,400,000
of free grant money available.

Infrastructure Canada has just launched the Green Inclusive Community Buildings (GICB) funding program targeting energy efficiency measures and green retrofits for new and existing community-oriented buildings. 

SOLAR ROOFS ARE ELIGIBLE - but it's first come first serve! 

Five easy steps to get your funding

1. Design:

- Review your electrical consumption

- Use professional modelling software to estimate solar energy production

- Create a customized solar design for your facility

2. Review and price:

Review the customized solar design for your facility

- Confirm pricing for the Grant Application

Note: Otter can secure your line capacity on the grid, lock it in, and give you 8 months to decide to proceed - This prevents your neighbours from taking your capacity.

3. Grant Application: 

- Complete RETscreen Energy modelling to include with the grant application ($900)

- Complete the Grant Application ($500)

4. Approval: 

- Your grant is approved

- Work is scheduled

5.  Installation: 

- Complete turnkey installation of your system by Otter Energy 


Grant submissions are due by July 6th, 2021
If you hesitate, you risk millions.



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