Professional Designations


It has been more than twenty years since the Ontario Recreation Facilities Association Inc. (ORFA) first introduced a professional designation program to assist members in developing competency to work effectively within the recreation facilities industry. Since its creation, many members have been awarded ORFA professional designations, many of which are now requested by employers as part of the hiring process, or used to assist in developing short and long term training plans.

Each designation requires Individual ORFA membership, a minimum Grade 12 education, completion of the requisite courses and confirmation of workplace-specific experience. Also, all ORFA designations will entail a five year recertification process. In addition to classroom-based courses, the ORFA will continue to explore alternative course delivery formats (e.g. online, blended format, etc.) in order to provide accessible education to its members.

Association Partnerships

The ORFA partners with organizations that provide value-added expertise for the benefit of the ORFA member. The ORFA will continue to maintain its strategic alliances in support of education, research and service, with the following organizations::

  • Public Services Health and Safety Association 
  • Frank Cowan Company Limited 
  • Sports Turf Canada
  • Canadian Hearing Society 
  • CIMCO Refrigeration 
  • Canadian Red Cross 
  • University of Guelph
  • Zamboni Company Ltd.
  • Resurfice Corp.
  • Jet-Ice Limited
  • Serving the American Rinks
  • Facility Operators Managers Association and the National Hockey League
  • Canadian Recreation Facilities Council