Advanced Refrigeration Facility Operator (5 days): This is an intermediate course designed for operators who completed Basic Arena Refrigeration and have a reasonable, practical working knowledge of the subject matter. The course instructors are provincially-licensed refrigeration professionals

Advanced Refrigeration Facility Operator*

The course is designed to meet the needs of practitioners wishing to enhance their knowledge of refrigeration systems pertaining specifically to artificial ice rinks. It builds on the knowledge learned in the Basic Arena Refrigeration course. Participants will gain a greater appreciation of the various means of accomplishing temperature reduction for ice making applications. It is ideally suited for those individuals who are responsible for decision making surrounding the maintenance and upgrading of arena refrigeration systems.

Topics include:

    • Review of Basic Arena Refrigeration course content
    • Definitions, principles, theory applicable to arena refrigeration systems
    • Enhanced refrigeration fundamentals
    • Theory of refrigeration as it applies to various AIR settings
    • Cycle of refrigeration as it applied to various common and advanced AIR settings
    • Understanding refrigerants including safety and environmental concerns
    • Introduction of electrical theory and components (including a variety of starters)
    • Maintenance requirements
    • Introduction to psychometrics
    • Applicable dehumidification systems
    • Control theory recognition
    • Plant accessories
    • Health and safety related matters
    • Introduction to applicable legislation and codes

    * Additional recommended courses for:

a) Certified Ice Technicians or
b) those planning to write the TSSA  Refrigeration Operator - Class B Examination.