Aquatic Facility Operations

The following documents represent suggested guidelines and best practices and are available as a benefit of membership for download in PDF format.


Release Date

Maintaining Safe Swimming Pool Indoor Air Quality
Note: Previously released in September 2015
March 2024 
Lifeguards as Pool Operators Guideline July 2023 
Safe Public Pool Illumination Guideline July 2023 
Advancing Pool Water Digital Testing Technology October 2022 
Aquatic Facility Worker and User COVID-19 Face Mask Use GuidelineSeptember 2020 
Aquatic Trend Watch - Swimming Pool Programming in B Class PoolsOctober 2019 
Template For Waterfront Operations  
Note: Shared with permission of Canadian Red Cross
April 2019 
Risk Management Guidelines for Water Recreational Equipment Areas (Spray/Splash Pads)
Note: Updated - Originally released in May 2017
April 2019 
How To Safely Clean a Pool Filter: Guidelines and Best Practices April 2019 
Aquatic Worker Personal Protective Equipment Guideline April 2019
How to Safely Clean A Pool  January 2019 
Pool Pumps Guidelines and Best Practices  January 2019 
Aquatic Worker Training, Risk and Hazard Awareness Guideline  September 2018
Aquatic Safety Plan Template 
Note: Shared with permission of Canadian Red Cross
September 2018 
Aquatic Safety Plan Guide  
Note: Shared with permission of Canadian Red Cross
September 2018 
The Re-calibration of Ontario’s Pool, Spa and Splash Pad Regulations (565) August 2018 
Ontario Outdoor Class “A” Pools: Regulatory Overview and Operational Best Practices August 2018 
Docks, Marinas and Other Recreational Water Areas: Guidelines and Best Practices  August 2018
Ontario Class “C” Pools: Waterslide August 2018 
Managing Colour Vision Deficiency and the Recreation Worker October 2015
Swimming Pool Chlorine Gas Safety
September 2015 
Who Is A Supervisor Under the OHSA  February 2015 
25 Years Later - Is WHMIS a Workplace Trap?  January 2015 
Guidelines for Basic Awareness Training  September 2014 
Recreation Facilities Environmental Guidelines  June 2014
Recreation Staff Working Alone  May 2014
New and Young Worker Employer Guide  April 2014
Guidelines for Reporting Critical Injuries  August 2013
PPE for the Aquatic Professional November 2012 
Serving a Diverse Population: Pool User Trends, Changing Attitudes and Behaviour November 2012 
Ministry of Labour - "Safe At Work" Strategy: Personal Protective Equipment  October 2011 
Regular Structural Inspections are Key to Controlling Snow Load Failures February 2010
Facility Noise and the Potential for Long-Term Hearing Affects  December 2009  

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