Canoe Procurement Group of Canada

The Canoe Procurement Group of Canada is a leading public sector buying group collaborating with municipal associations across the country, including LAS here in Ontario. Representing over 5,000 municipalities, non-profit organizations, and public agencies nationwide, Canoe is uniquely positioned to help members access a wide variety of trade-compliant products and services at preferred rates.

With more than 250 approved suppliers in a wide range of industries, Canoe helps parks & recreation professionals procure everything from office supplies to maintenance equipment. Canoe programs include:

    • Arena Equipment, seating furniture and refrigeration solutions
    • Athletic surfaces including flooring and turf
    • Playground and spray park equipment
    • Skatepark design and construction
    • Indoor and outdoor fitness equipment
    • Grounds maintenance equipment
    • And much more!

Visit today to learn how Canoe can help with your community’s recreation needs.