Resource Centre

The ORFA Resource Centre provides information on all aspects of recreation facility operation.

All guidelines and best practices are developed through research and advocacy that focuses on minimum levels of safety, lifecycle, environmental stewardship, and financial efficiency which are the cornerstones of recreation asset management. All resources are developed by leveraging the experiences of frontline members, volunteer committees and/or related stakeholders. Once vetted, resources are adopted into the various ORFA professional certifications that have been developed to help meet the current and future needs of employers, users and related governing agencies that oversee recreation infrastructure.

The ORFA remains committed to the ongoing investment in research of existing and emerging technologies and operational techniques that are proven to better serve all stakeholders. Although these resources are considered voluntary to adopt, it is important to note that ORFA research and resources are often used as public awareness tools or legally driven benchmarks for minimum operational best practice.

ORFA members are invited to participate in the ongoing growth and development of any resource by providing feedback to the accuracy of the provided information or shifts in trends that may influence industry change.


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