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Asset Management

Having the necessary skills and knowledge to manage the financial, capital and maintenance needs of recreation infrastructure is fundamental to current and long term operations.


Recreation Asset Management (MARMAK) Feb 2021 

Developing a Comprehensive Registered Refrigeration Maintenance Program

Note: Updated Originally released in Mar 2018

March 2020
S.A.F.E.R. - Safety Activities For Effective Refrigeration November 2019 
Maintaining a Recreation Facilities Fire/Emergency Equipment and Safe Environment September 2019
Facility Eyewash and Deluge Shower Installation and Maintenance Guideline April 2019 
Recreation Facility Electrical and Plumbing Health Monitoring Guideline November 2018 
Developing an Effective Recreation Facility Maintenance Task Management System November 2018

The Importance of Ongoing Monitoring of Secondary Refrigerant Health Note: Updated Originally released in Oct 2013

February 2018
Ready, Shoot, Aim – Recreation Facility Revenue Generation February 2018 
Analyzing and Calculating Recreational User Fees February 2018 
Being Prepared to Efficiently Retire (Decommission) Ontario's Aging Recreation Infrastructure October 2017 
Facility Standby Generator Inspection and Maintenance Guidelines June 2017 
September 2015 
Understanding the Impact of Humidity in Ice Rinks June 2014
Moisture and Mould Control for Recreation Facilities: Risks and Responsibilities October 2013 
Benefits of Maintaining a Supplementary Registered Refrigeration Plant Room: Operating Engineers Regulation: Section 37 (7) February 2013 
Guidelines For Ice Arena Safety Netting February 2013 
Regular Structural Inspections Are Key for Preventing for Snow Load Failures February 2010
Determining Your Facilities Replacement January 2009
Refrigeration Maintenance Program September 2003

Facility Planning and Design: Arenas

September 2002