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The Recreation Facility Profession

Recreation facilities are the original social network of communities. They are locations that provide a gathering spot for sport, recreation and interaction regardless of age, gender, ability or economic status. Recreation facilities do not always have walls and roofs. They are not always structures nor are they always structured. They lend to human health and reduced social costs. They can provide life skills such as recreational swimming, organized or unorganized sport, or be the starting point for future Olympians. They help generate economic benefit for communities and regions.

Community recreation infrastructure have one common thread that ensures that sport, recreation, and leisure activities take place in a safe and healthy environment:– the recreation facility professional.

Recreation facility professionals are the men and women who operate and manage everything from nature trails to multi-million sport and leisure venues across Ontario. Whether it’s an arena in a municipality, a soccer field at a university, or a swimming pool in a private club, these professionals have technical, financial, operational, and managerial expertise to ensure their facilities are maintained in order to support healthy and active living in the local, and broader community.

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