Technical Corner

Monitoring the Shift Toward New Pool Chlorination Option

September 8, 2022

Keeping public pool water safe from bacteria, algae and other organic contaminates is a regulated obligation. Balancing pool water requires a pool operator to have a strong understanding of basic sciences and chemistry. The industry has used a variety of methods to achieve these goals. Over the past while, ORFA members have noted an increased use of specially engineered chlorinators that use a 3-inch calcium hypochlorite tablet.

The ORFA does not try and direct members towards one supplier or another, but is finding that members are shifting towards the Accu-Tab® equipment and products. Pool operators share that these tablets are able to erode reliably, consistently, and predictably and do not soften and clog the system which was an issue with other similar designs. Accu-Tab® is composed of calcium hypochlorite, which is a versatile and effective chemical for delivering chlorine into water. Cal hypo is more pH-friendly than chlorine gas, liquid bleach or trichlor tablets, requiring fewer adjustment chemicals which in turn makes water balance easier to achieve. The Accu-Tab® chlorine tablets are pressed, not formed, ensuring their physical integrity, and eliminating brittleness and extensive breakage. Tablets are independently tested by NSF International to meet certifications and are the only tablets sanctioned for use in Accu-Tab chlorinators.

Worker safety when handling any chemical is an essential part of the Occupational Health and Safety Act under the WHMIS section. Members share that this system minimizes safety concerns typically associated with other chlorination systems. The system Accu-Tab® contain no cyanuric acid and no stearate. The Accu-Tab system requires less maintenance than other similar systems because of the quality of tablets and the unique design advantages of the patented delivery technology. ORFA members that have tried or are using this equipment include Cochrane, Burlington, and Clearview.

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