Arena Ice Operations

The following documents represent suggested guidelines and best practices and are available as a benefit of membership for download in PDF format.


Release Date

The Mpemba Effect or Which Freezes Faster - Hot or Cold Flood Water2022 March 
Ice Resurfacer Auger Bearing Maintenance Guideline2021 October 
EV Rechargeable Battery Design Guideline2021 October 
Calculating Safe Ice Sheet User Load Guideline  2021 September 

On Ice Anti-Slip Foot Protection Guideline

Note: Updated - Originally released in Jun 2011

2021 May 
Designing an Effective Ice Resurfacer Maintenance Program 2020 November 

Winter Outdoor Ice Operations During COVID-19

2020 November 
Ice Resurfacer Hydraulic System Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guideline 2020 November 

Risks and Responsibilities of Using Volunteers for Cross Ice Set-up and Takedown

2020 May 

Battery Powered Ice Maintenance Equipment Guideline

2020 May 
Ice Worker On-Ice Head Protection Guideline
Note: Updated - Originally released in Jul 2012
2019 October 
The Paint Stick – Ergonomic Ice Technician Tool 2019 July 
Recreation Facilities Environmental Guidelines
Note: Updated - Originally released in Jun 2014
2019 April 
The Potential Risks Associated With Ice Resurfacer Snow Dumping   Note: Updated - Originally released in Aug 2012 2019 January 
Public Ice Skating Best Practice
Note: Updated - Originally released in Sep 2001 and Oct 2013
2018 September 
Overview of Speed Skating  2018 July 
Indoor Ice Season Opener 
Note: Updated - Originally released in Sep 2008 and Dec 2013
2018 July 
A Guide to Artificial Ice Skating Upkeep and Maintenance 2018 March 
Arena Artificial Ice Out Guideline 2018 February 
Guidelines For Indoor Air Quality In Arenas
Note: Updated - Originally Released in May 2007; Updated Dec 2011; Jan 2018.
2018 January 

Ice Resurfacer Blade Risks and Hazards Guideline
Note: Updated - Originally released in Jun 2007

2017 October 
Safe Edging Guidelines and Industry Best Practice 
Note: Updated - Originally Released in Dec 2009
2017 July 
Arena Boards, Shielding and Protective Netting (BSPN) Systems
Note: Updated - Originally Released in Oct 2002, and updated May 2009, Nov 2015 and Jun 2017. 
2017 June 
Net Pegging Anchoring Systems Update  2017 May 
Snow Load and Structural Integrity Failures  2017 January 
Considerations For Designing An Ice Resurfacer Snow Melt Pit 2016 September 
The Ice Resurfacer Wash Water System  2016 September 
Ice Logo Installation, Removal and Storage 
Note: Updated - Originally Released in Aug 2012
2015 October
Risks, Hazards and Science of Ice Resurfacer Floodwater 2015 September
Who Is A Supervisor Under the OHSA?  2015 February 
25 Years Later is WHMIS a Workplace Trap?  2015 January 
Guidelines for Basic Awareness Training  2014 September 
Ice Hockey Dasherboard Safety Zone (Look Up Line) Installation Guideline 2014 August
Painting Your Ice Surface White     2014 July
Safe Ice Resurfacer Room Battery Installation and Charging Use Guidelines     2014 July
Understanding the Impact of Humidity in Ice Rinks 2014 June
New and Young Worker Employer Guide  2014 April 
Speed Skating Canada - 100m Track Layout 2014 April
Zamboni Safety Bulletin 2014 April
Guidelines for Reporting Critical Injuries  2013 August 

Ringette Canada Line Markings (CRFC)
English Version: PDF    French Version: PDF        

2013 August
Operational Update: Ice Arena Goal Nets
2013 August
Suggested Guidelines for Ice Arena Goal Nets and Goal Frame Anchoring Systems
2013 February
Guidelines For Ice Arena Safety Netting
Note: Refer to June 2017 Arena Boards, Shielding and Protective Netting Systems
2013 February
Hockey Line Markings
Note: Updated - Originally Released in Jun 2010
2012 November
Facility Advisory – Dasherboard Shielding Replacement: What are the Risks?
Note: Refer to June 2017 Arena Boards, Shielding and Protective Netting Systems
2012 September
Guidelines for Holding On-Ice Ceremonies 2012 August
Ministry of Labour - "Safe At Work Strategy": Personal Protective Equipment  2011 October 
Ice Temperature Control For Artificial Ice Rinks (Re-released) 2011 June
Saving Energy At the Rink Helps Keep Ice Cost Down 2010 December
Facility Noise and the Potential for Long-Term Hearing Affects  2009 December 
Hockey and Curling Ice 2007 June
Sledge Hockey Accessibility: Design Guidelines For Arenas
as Issued by the CRFC and Recognized by Hockey Canada
2007 June
Industry Watch: Emerging Ice Issues 2007 April

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