Ice Resurfacer Use

TORONTO, November 17, 2020

Ice resurfacers are complicated operating equipment that present a variety of risks and hazards if operated by untrained persons. The ORFA/U.S. Ice Rinks Alliance recommends that this equipment only be operated by properly trained individuals who are employed within the industry. The Alliance strongly recommends that any use for “personal experience” or “enjoyment” is considered an unacceptable use of this type of equipment.  Examples of activities include ice resurfacer "schools", "camps" or "driving experiences" which are generally marketed to the public and which are of particular concern.

The ORFA/U.S. Ice Rinks Alliance further wish to remind all operators of industry best practices associated with the safe operation of any ice resurfacer:

    • All ice resurfacer manufacturers recommend “no riders”.
    • All new drivers complete the Safe Ice Resurfacer Operator (SIRO) introductory training and/or the advanced Ice Maintenance and Equipment Operations (IMEO) which would include the recommended review of all applicable manufacturer owner manual information and related medias associated with the safe ice resurfacer operations before taking care and control of any ice resurfacing equipment.

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