Nominations and Elections

ORFA Board Member - Nominations and Elections

(2023 to 2024 TERM OF OFFICE)

Dear ORFA Member,

Please be advised that the Nomination and Elections process to be a Board Member of the Ontario Recreation Facilities Association Inc. is about to open September 1st, 2022.

You are encouraged to review the procedures and please feel free to pass along to any eligible member who you believe may be interested in serving as a Board member of the Ontario Recreation Facilities Association Inc. for the 2023-24 term of office.

Please note nominations close October 1st, 2022. If required, official elections will be conducted during the third week of October for any position receiving more than one valid nomination using official association ballots.

For your general awareness, current ORFA Board members have identified their intention to run for the 2021-22 term of office as follows :

    • North Region Director – Jason Boyer
    • Central Region Director – Karen Cooke
    • East Region Director – Joe Brown
    • West Region Director – Amy Gangl
    • Director At Large (2 positions) – Kevin Gale (one vacancy)
    • Corporate Director – Richard Poole
* President – Mark Reinert
* Past President – Cathy Seguin
* appointed positions (no nomination or election required)

Note: For clarification, regional directors ideally should be employed in the region that they are nominated. However, directors at large do not have this same requirement. For a list of municipalities that encompass each region please go to

The ORFA continues to be one of the most well respected organizations in the recreation profession, and that is in large part due to the dedication of members who have volunteered their time to be a Board member.

The benefits of being a Board member are both personally and professionally very rewarding. I would strongly encourage you to seriously consider letting your name stand for election or encourage a colleague you feel would be a worthy candidate to let their name stand. The benefits greatly out-way the time and energy you would put into the Board and you would be serving an organization dedicated to providing leadership in the development and delivery of innovative training and education programs, value added services, and quality products for the benefit of the recreation facility profession.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this in greater detail, please feel free to contact Mr. John Milton, Chief Administrative Officer by EMAIL, by phone (416) 426-7062 or alternatively, any of the current Board of Directors. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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