FACILITY FOCUS Podcast - Episode 7

An Open Discussion About Electric Ice Resurfacer’s

Terry Piche, CRFP, CIT, ORFA Technical Director talks with all three of Ontario’s ice resurfacer providers about where electric ice resurfacer technology began, its current growth and what the future holds. He also chats with a municipal and private ice sheet manager who shifted away from fossil fuel to battery power. What was learned will help shape future ORFA Certified Ice Technician course materials. There is no doubt the future is going battery - learn how it will impact our industry.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:47 Marty Elliot, Zamboni Company Ltd.
  • 18:13 Don Schlupp, Resurfice Corp.
  • 34:10 Corey Flannagan, Joe Johnson Equipment
  • 49:13 Aaron Eisler, City of Kenora
  • 1:02:22 Todd Langer, Canlan Ice Sports Corp.
  • 1:19:25 Summary

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