Technical Corner

The following documents and opinion articles are prepared by ORFA's Technical Director as needed in response to industry pressure points or inquiries from the membership.


Release Date

Canada’s Ice Sheets Contribution to Rock & Roll History 2022 January 
Effectively Playing the Recreational Grant Game in 2022 - and Beyond 2022 January 
Facility First Aid - Way More Complicated Than It Sounds 2021 December 
The Role of Ice Sheet Refrigeration Plant Room Ventilation 2021 December 
Shifting the Responsibility of Refrigeration Plant Maintenance Back to Where It Belongs 2021 December
Happy 50th Pickleball 2021 December 
ORFA Encourages Leadership in Preparing Recreation Facilities to Assist During Climate Change Disasters 2021 November 
Creating A Business Case of What to Do About Not Having Enough Facility Staff 2021 November 
Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze, Not Always Green or Efficient 2021 November 
Fernie Still Bothers Me: How Could We Allow This to Happen and Will It Happen Again? 2021 October 
Municipal Taxation 101 2021 October 
Evaluating a Facilities Operational Culture 2021 October 
Due (DO) Diligence 2022 2021 October 
Will It Soon Be Time to Close All Community Ice Facilities? 2021 October 
Creating a Positive Facility Management Legacy2021 September 
Jet Ice Logo’s “Brings Ice to Life” – The Story Behind Ice Logo’s 2021 September 
Better Understanding Ontario's Public Health Regional COVID-19 Regulation Application 2021 September 
COVID-19 Prompts a Recommendation to Review Facility Rental Agreements and Hold Harmless Contract Clauses 2021 August 
Recreation Facility Indoor Air Quality and HVAC COVID-19 Ventilation Best Practices  2021 August 
A Call For Change in the Change Room 2021 August 
Leveraging Our Technical Advantage2021 August 
Is Refrigeration Training Transferable to Other Regions?
2021 July 
Is It Time to Pay Staff for What They Know? 2021 July