Refrigeration Plant Operations

The following documents represent suggested guidelines and best practices and are available as a benefit of membership for download in PDF format.


Release Date

Review of the TSSA Registered, Unattended Ice Surface Plant Advisory  2023 May 
Ice Sheet Refrigeration Plant Room Supplementary Logbook Use Best Practices 2022 February 
Developing a Comprehensive Registered Refrigeration Maintenance Program
Note: Updated Originally released in Mar 2018 & Mar 2020
2021 July 
Alternative Ice Sheet Primary Refrigerant Option Guideline 2021 April 
Designing a Facility Condenser Maintenance Program 2021 January 
TSSA - Operating Engineers Regulation Alternative Rules 2020 June 
A Guideline to Refrigeration Plant Log Book Use
Note: Updated Originally released in Oct 2019
2020 March 
12 Steps to Developing an Effective Ice Arena Registered Refrigeration Plant Procedure Manual  2020 February 
Registered Ice Arena Refrigeration System Statutory Holiday Plant Check Guideline  2019 December 
Ice Arena Ammonia Emergency Preparedness Auditing Guideline  2019 August 
Registered Guarded Refrigeration Plant Risk and Hazard Awareness Guideline 2019 April 
Facility Eyewash and Deluge Shower Installation and Maintenance Guideline  2019 April 
Basic Arena Refrigeration Governance Guideline (and Quiz)  2019 February 
Ice Arena Ammonia Charge Release to Atmosphere Guideline 2018 November 
Anhydrous Ammonia Exposure Worker Safety and Quiz
Note: Updated Originally released in Sep 2015 and July 2018 
2018 October 

ORFA Commentary on Technical Safety BC – Investigation Report Ammonia Release – Fernie Memorial Arena, October 17, 2017

Technical Safety BC, Fernie Investigation Report, Findings and Recommendations
2018 August 
Safely Draining Oil From A Flooded Ammonia Evaporative Chiller: Risk and Hazard Reduction Guideline   2018 June 
The Importance of Ongoing Monitoring of Secondary Refrigerant Health Note: Updated Originally released in Oct 2013 2018 February 
Ontario Ice Arena Registered Refrigeration Plant Compliance Guideline 2017 November 
Ice Arena Registered Refrigeration Plant Inspection – Off-Season 2016 April 
TSSA - Refrigeration Operator Class B Certification and Examination Guide 2016 January 
Developing a Registered Refrigeration Plant Room Inspection, Maintenance and Readings Program
2015 September
Who Is A Supervisor Under the OHSA?  2015 February 
25 Years Later Is WHMIS a Workplace Trap? 2015 January 
Refrigeration Plant Room Safety - Identification of Hazards and Risks
Note: Updated Originally released in Apr 2013
2015 January
TSSA - Plant Safety Series 11: Periodic Plant Inspections 2015 January
Guidelines for Basic Awareness Training  2014 September 
Refrigeration Awareness - 2014/15 Operating Season 2014 September
Recreation Facilities Environmental Waste Compliance Guide  2014 June 
Working Safely in Mechanical Rooms: Recreation Facilities 2014 June
Recreation Staff Working Alone 2014 May 
Role of the Boiler Vessels Inspector and Life Expectancy for Building Services Plant and Equipment 2014 May
Basic Compliance With The B-52 Mechanical Refrigeration Code 2014 May
New and Young Worker Employer Guide  2014 April 
TSSA Incident Reporting Procedure 2014 April
Refrigeration Plant Rooms: Responsible Person 2014 January
Guidelines for Reporting Critical Injuries  2013 August 
Benefits of Maintaining a Supplementary Registered Refrigeration Plant Room: Operating Engineers Regulation: Section 37 (7) 2013 March
Confined Space FAQ: Registered Refrigeration Plant Rooms 2013 January
Responsible Maintenance And Operation For "Unattended" Refrigeration Plant Rooms 2011 December
Ministry of Labour - "Safe At Work Strategy": Personal Protective Equipment  2011 October 
Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus: Refrigeration Plant Rooms 2010 November
Regular Structural Inspections Are Key for Preventing for Snow Load Failures  2010 February 
Facility Noise and the Potential for Long-Term Hearing Affects  2009 December 
Technical Standards & Safety Authority - How Safe Is Your Plant. 
Issue Two
Technical Standards & Safety Authority - How Safe Is Your Plant.
Issue One
Refrigeration Maintenance Program 2003 September
S.A.F.E.R. - Safety Activities For Effective Refrigeration 2002 March

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