ORFA Webinar Series 

Why Facility Management is Asset Management - The Real Time Application of RFAM

Building on the momentum and member interest of regulated responsibilities associated with the development and maintenance of an operational asset management plan, the ORFA is pleased to offer an update on how Recreation Facility Asset Management (RFAM) software is not only shaping Ontario’s recreation infrastructure data collection trends, but also providing a path for others across North America and around the world.

The webinar will review how ORFA continues to develop and build on the original concept of RFAM. It will highlight how insurance carriers are adopting the benefits of asset management to reduce risk. It will also showcase how members are embracing the technology and present examples of how suppliers are shifting their services to better align with the advancements and benefits of comprehensive asset management.

Welcome from Cathy Sequin, ORFA President
(1 minute 34 seconds)


Message from John Milton, ORFA CAO
(2 minutes 31 seconds)


Certification and education update from Remo Petrongolo, ORFA Director Business Development
(2 minutes 25 seconds)


RFAM growth update from Zack Tarantino, MARMAK, RFAM CEO
(11 minutes 49 seconds)


Why Asset Management is the New Industry Risk Management Mantra from Jessica Jaremchuk, Intact Public Entities
(15 minutes 5 seconds)


Hear how the Zamboni Co., CIMCO Refrigeration and IB Storey have integrated asset management into their products and services


(15 minutes 5 seconds)


(11 minutes 54 seconds)


(13 minutes 11 seconds)

Message from the Frontlines – Hear Directly from Members Rob Bell, City of Barrie and Mark Reinert, Town of Petawawa on Why They Embrace RFAM and How It is Assisting Their Operational Objectives
(21 minutes 4 seconds)


Wrap-up with Terry Piche, CRFP, CIT, Technical Director, ORFA Inc.
(2 minutes 4 seconds)


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