Operational Audit Service

The ORFA has at times been asked to assist members or their legal counsel in mounting a defence against pending litigation. Typically, it was discovered that the member operation had failed to embrace some industry best practice or had not kept up to date on regulatory or legislative change. Sometimes it was simply a desire to have a second set of eyes review an operation or specific incident circumstances.

To support members in meeting compliance, the ORFA is pleased to offer a “Facility Operational Auditing Service” to help assess the current level of commitment and compliance to known legislative obligations. The audit will evaluate how well an operation is functioning when compared to what might be considered industry best practice. While at the same time, helping to determine vulnerable risk of litigation or non-compliance activities. Once the audit is complete, facility management will have a written plan for self improvement related to operational best practices, operational tools and levels of staff training when compared with other similar operations.

Who Will Complete The Operational Audit?

The ORFA has experienced professional staff who monitor change and provide direction to over 7,000 members on day-to-day operational matters involving aquatics, grounds, ice, refrigeration and recreation facility administrative obligations. In addition, the ORFA has direct access to industry leaders who manage at the highest level of all operations who can be called upon to assist when required.

What Might We Expect As Part Of The Audit?

A complete written confidential report outlining both strengths and weakness of the current operation will be provided. It will identify priority areas that should be addressed, while helping to develop both short and long term operational improvement objectives.

How Much Is An Audit?

The ORFA has a long and rich history of serving the entire province of Ontario regardless of geography. Any operational audit services will have an equal base rate for services provided along with other direct expenses related to agreed upon meetings or site attendance requirements on a per-location cost recovery basis.

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