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Legal Awareness I - Supervising in a Recreation Environment (OLSS)

  • Saturday, May 01, 2021
  • Friday, December 31, 2021
  • Online (Course must be completed in 30 days from the time of enrollment)


  • This online self-study, and must be completed in 30 days from enrollment date. Participants will receive a confirmation email that they have been enrolled in the online course. NOTE: Course starts on March 1, 2021.


Legal Awareness I - Supervising in a Recreation Environment (OLSS)

This online self-study (OLSS) course must be completed in 30 days from enrollment date. Participants will receive an email confirming that they have been enrolled in the online course.

Legal Awareness I is a core requirement to all ORFA professional accreditations. We are pleased to make this time-tested training program available in an online self-study format that allows registrants to work through the information at their own pace and schedule over a 30-day period.

The Occupational Health and Safety Awareness and Training regulation requires health and safety awareness training for every worker and supervisor under Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). The regulation came into force July 1, 2014. To ensure that persons working within the recreation industry are receiving the most current and up to date health and safety information, the ORFA has partnered with Public Services Health and Safety Association (PSHSA) in the development and delivery of these materials. PSHSA is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Labour and works with Ontario’s Public and Broader Public Sector employers and workers, providing training, consulting and resources to reduce workplace risks and prevent occupational injuries and illnesses.

The core requirement of OHSA remains unchanged; only "competent persons" are permitted to take care and control of a workplace or supervise other persons at work. What has changed is the MOL focus on ensuring that competency is in place. The OHSA is clear on how competency is defined. In order for a worker to meet the legal obligation of competency they must:

  • be qualified because of their knowledge, training and experience to organize the work and supervise safe performance;
  • be familiar with the Act, Regulations, Policies and Procedures that apply to the work;
  • have knowledge of any potential or actual danger or hazard to health and safety in the workplace

Legal Awareness I is an in-depth review of the Occupational Health and Safety Act as outlined in the second competency bullet above. This information forms a strong foundation for all recreation professionals to apply in their day-to-day responsibilities. Once complete, it is strongly recommended that Legal Awareness II be attended as it focuses on the other regulations and policies and procedures that are considered standard within our industry.

Of further benefit would be a guided tour of a refrigeration plant room under the leadership of a competent plant operator for an orientation of a registered refrigeration plant room and review the plant operational and training manuals.

Who should take this on-line training?

  • Workers who are required to work alone in their workplaces are considered supervisors under the OHSA
  • Workers whose job description identifies them as a lead hand, supervisor or manager

Workplace-Specific Training: A reminder is given to facility supervisory staff that to complete the educational process successful participants must return to work and be provided with specific workplace-specific training.

This course is worth 14 professional development credits towards recertification of any ORFA professional designation

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