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CIT Recertification Challenge Exam - ONLINE

  • Saturday, May 01, 2021
  • Friday, December 31, 2021
  • Online
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CIT Recertification Challenge Exam 2021

An online Certified Ice Technician (CIT) Recertification Challenge Exam option is available to current CIT's who must recertify to maintain their professional designation.  Individuals will be tested on core information associated with the original course learning objectives and industry information shared by ORFA over the last five years.


  • Exam time limit is 90 minutes
  • The exam must be finished in one sitting. You cannot save and finish later
  • You must complete each question before moving on to the next question
  • You must complete all questions in this exam
  • To be successful you must score 60% or higher on the exam

The ORFA introduced the Certified Ice Technician (CIT) professional designation in 1997. This NHL-recognized credential was designed to acknowledge the academic excellence and specialized expertise of individuals who work in artificial ice operations. Overwhelmingly, the CIT designation has been the most sought-after of all the ORFA professional designations. Today, close to 75% of arenas, ice and refrigeration job postings specifically state the preference to recruiting those individuals who hold the CIT professional designation.

Since 1997, over 1000 individuals have been awarded the CIT designation. More recently, there has been discussion and reflection, based on industry needs and legal counsel, that to ensure these individuals remain current in industry best practices and knowledge, that a recertification program be designed and implemented. More Information

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