E-News 2020




Release Date

  • 2020 ORFA Award Recipients
  • ORFA Discussion Board
  • Thanks to ORFA AGM Sponsors
December 24 
  • 2020 ORFA Annual Report
  • Updated COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plan Guide: Who Needs a Plan & How To Make One
  • Contact Tracing or Workplace Entry Tool
  • Heading to the Lake for Some Outdoor Skating this Winter? New Study Finds More Children Dying Due to Unstable ice
  • Gender Equity Survey

  • OTS 2021 Is Going Virtual!

December 1 
  • ORFA Annual General Meeting and Information Sessions
  • Announcing ORFA Board of Directors (2021/22 Term of Office)

  • Know The Difference Between Face Masks

  • Ice Resurfacer Use Joint Statement

November 17
  • Check Before You Rec
  • COVID 19 Highlighting Bill 168 Responsibilities for Facility Supervisors
  • Ontario Releases COVID-19 Response Framework to Help Keep the Province Safe and Open
  • Ontario Set to Employ the Largest Number of Labour Inspectors in Provincial History
  • Safe Area Refrigeration Plant Operator - Online
November 11


Release Date

  • ORFA Upcoming Online Events
  • ALERT - Reminder to Inspect Ice Resurfacers
  • Remembering Those Lost in Fernie
  • Rental Agreements & Waivers
  • Ontario Set to Employ the Largest Number of Labour Inspectors in Provincial History
  • Canada’s First Ever 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Adults
October 23 
  • NEW! Basic Arena Refrigeration - Online Course
  • New Requirements for COVID-19 Screening for Employees and Essential Visitors Now in Effect
  • Looking To Boost The Number of Field Inspectors
  • NHL Announces Partnership with I.B. Storey
  • Waterloo Shows Leadership with Facility Participation Level Matrix
  • Notice of Regulatory Proposals
October 5 
Technical Standards & Safety Authority Moves to Improve Safety in Ontario with Launch of Support Program


Release Date

  • Announcing the Jumpstart Sport Relief Fund
  • ALERT - Reminder to Inspect and Recertify Fossil Fuel Tanks
  • Risk Management Webinars
  • COVID-19 Facility Staff Blood & Body Fluid Handling Refresher
  • Training in the Workplace
  • FACILITY FOCUS PODCAST - Changing How We Use Recreation Changerooms During the Pandemic

September 14 
  • ORFA Upcoming Events
  • ORFA Board Member Nominations and Elections

  • COVID-19 PHASE THREE – Recreation Facility Changeroom Use Guideline (Non-Aquatic)

  • Users Cannot Expect Phase 3 Opening of Facilities To Be At The Same Service Levels

  • ORFA “Attended” Plant Owners Now Have Alternative Operational Options to B Certification

  • RFAM Survey

  • Keep in Mind - there is a Right and Wrong Way to Disinfect a Facility

  • COVID-19 - Schools

September 2 
  • Ontario Supporting the Safe Reopening of More Spaces at Gyms and Recreation Centres
  • FACILITY FOCUS PODCAST - ORFA speaks with Zach Tarantino, Marmak, to share updates to RFAM - Recreation Facility Asset Management software

  • New World Health Organization Resources Releases Guidance Material(s)

  • ORFA Awards and Recognition

August 17
  • FACILITY FOCUS PODCAST - Recreation Facility Asset Management Software

  • ASHRAE Releases Guidance Material(s)

  • Workplace Violence and Harassment during COVID-19

  • TSSA Regulatory Requirements during COVID-19

  • ORFA COVID-19 Webinar Series - Does the Thought of Stage 3 Awaken your Inner Germophobe?

 August 7


Release Date

  • ORFA Membership Survey - Professional Development Courses - Fall 2020
  • ORFA Training and Consulting Services
  • David Ayres: 2020 for Our Favourite Goalie
July 27
  • Stage 3 - Reopening Sport and Recreation
  • ORFA has Resumed Training and Consulting Services
  • PSHSA Occupational Therapy Webinar Series
  • Ontario Updates Occupational Exposure Limits to Hazardous Chemicals
  • Reminder about COVID-19 Exposure on the Job
  • ORFA COVID-19 Webinar Series - Where We Are Now with COVID-19 and the New Normal: Legal Update for Recreation Facility Employers
July 16
  • FACILITY FOCUS PODCAST - The Realities of Re-entry and Reopening Costs

  • ORFA Professional Development Courses: 2020 Reboot

  • ORFA Return to Classroom COVID-19 Safety Plan

  • Ontario Extends Emergency Orders to July 10

  • Re-opening Indoor Sport Facilities

  • Ontario Lacrosse Association – Return to Action Guide

  • Reducing Risk Exposure

July 7


Release Date

  • Potential Facility Washroom Flushing Risks
  • Hockey Return to Play Does Not Mean Buildings Are Open
  • 2020 ParticipACTION Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth
  • Modernizing Hazardous Waste Reporting in Ontario
  • ORFA COVID-19 Webinar Series - The Next Crisis You SHOULD Be Planning For And It’s Not COVID-19
June 23
  • ORFA Industry Habits Poll
  • FACILITY FOCUS PODCAST - Recreation Facility COVID-19 HVAC & Air Quality

  • Ontario Moves into Stage 2 of Reopening with Regional Approach

  • OHF Return to Play Framework

  • Recreation Facilities Asset Management

  • NEW! ORFA Online Learning Courses

  • ORFA COVID-19 Webinar Series - Risk Mitigation and COVID-19

June 11
  • FACILITY FOCUS PODCAST - Confusion Erupts Surrounding Recreation Facility Conflicting Reopening Directives

  • Reentering and Reopening Principles and Guide - Update 2020-06-01

  • Hockey Canada – Return to Play Guidelines

  • Consider Seasonal Maintenance

  • How to Safely Reopen Aquatic Facilities

June 5
  • FACILITY FOCUS PODCAST - Recreation Facility COVID-19, Reentering and Reopening Guiding Principles and Best Practices

May 26
  • Feds Unveil New COVID-19 Stream for Provincial Infrastructure Program
  • Ontario Announces Additional Workplaces that Can Reopen
  • ORFA Reminds of Risks of Empty 2020 Summer Outdoor Pools
May 19
  • COVID-19 Update
  • Facility Forum 2020 Readership Survey
  • Zamboni Podcast
  • ANGUS REID Institute
  • ASHRAE Response to COVID-19
May 11


Release Date

  • OE Alternate Rules Engagement
April 27
  • ORFA COVID-19 Webinar Series - COVID-19 Staffing Issues
  • ORFA COVID-19 Webinar Series - Infection Prevention & Control in the Recreation Facility Setting
  • ORFA COVID-19 Webinar Series - Mental Health First Aid and the Working Mind
April 17
  • ORFA COVID-19 Webinar Series - ORFA Developing a Post COVID-19 Facilities Operational Business Plan
  • NEW! ORFA Member Toolbox
April 10
  • COVID-19 Response Update
  • SIRO Online
  • Important Reminder: Refrigeration Plant Off Season Inspections
  • Turn it Up…Tonight - Setback Temperatures
March 30
  • COVID-19 Response
  • OER Table 6 – Maintenance Program “Certificate of Qualification” Requirement
March 20 
  • The Importance of Pool Make-up Water
  • TSSA Announces Pending Changes to the OER that May Impact Ice Arena Refrigeration Plant Operations
  • Ontario Implementing Enhanced Measures to Safeguard Public from COVID-19
March 6


Release Date

  • ORFA Partners With Frank Cowan Company and TSSA to Offer - Arena Refrigeration Plant Compliance Workshops For Senior Municipal Officials and Management
  • Flooding Along the Ottawa River Named Canada’s Top Weather (Emergency) Story of 2019
  • ORFA Guidelines and Best Practice Resources
February 28
  • Greater Toronto Area - March is Register Your AED Month
  • Fire Extinguisher – Safety Alert
  • Whole Body Vibration Webinar – March 25
  • Ontario Seeking to Regulate 13 Invasive Species
February 19 
  • It is Only a Flickering Light – What’s the Problem
  • Occupational Health Regulatory Modernization Amendments
  • Facial Hair and Respirator Use
  • Congratulations Paramount Iceland on 80 Years!
  • Legal Use of Surveillance Cameras Continues
February 10 
  • ALERT – Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)
  • RETScreen Expert
  • ORFA To Participate in 2020 OGRA Conference: Asset Management Central
  • Why is North Bay’s New Arena Costing $390.00 Per Square Foot to Construct?
February 4
  • Ontario Court Awards $700K to Rec League Hockey Player
  • New Asbestos Video Offers Primer on Hidden Killer
  • Are Contracted Workers Considered Employees?
  • City of Fernie Files Civil Claim For Damages
January 24
  • Reminder that Regulation 562 was Revoked and Replaced with O.Reg. 493/17 – Food Handling Premises
  • Cannabis at Work – “For Greater Certainty” It would be best to understand Section 253 (2) of the Criminal Code of Canada
  • Canada's Building Code Being Modernized to Address Climate Change
  • More National and International Sport Events is Good News for ORFA Members
  • RFAM 1 Month Free Trial
January 14

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