Notice of 2022 Annual General Meeting

Please note that the 2022 Annual General Meeting of the Members of the Ontario Recreation Facilities Association Inc. will be a virtual meeting on Wednesday, December 7, 2022. 

As a member of ORFA, this is your opportunity to be a participant as the following business items are reviewed:

  1. Approve the Minutes of the virtual Annual General Meeting held Wednesday, December 8, 2021.
  2. Receive the President's Report
  3. Receive the Administration and Finance Committee Report
    • Presentation of the December 31, 2021 Audited Financial Statements
    • Confirmation of auditor/accounting firm for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2022
  4. Receive Awards and Recognition Committee Report
  5. Receive Nomination and Elections Committee Report
  6. Transact any other business that may properly be brought before the meeting

Voting at the AGM is only available to eligible designated voting members or via a designated proxy. The voting by proxy deadline is 12:00 Noon on Friday, December 2, 2022. 

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